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Only one more archive, and then I'm done. Sorry for the spam.

Prompt: 03 - Sly character
Character: Hyuga
Requested by: [ profile] reynardfox
Words: 189

03: opportunistic, more than sly )


Prompt: 31 - Plague-by-Law-School-finals character
Character: Krelian
Requested by: [ profile] nyuna
Words: 237

31: Plagued by... something )


Prompt: 27 - Well-shagged character
Character: Yui
Requested by: [ profile] reynardfox
Words: 379

27: the honeymoon isn't over yet )


Prompt: 21 - Daring character
Character: Elly
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 381

21: one wrong step and it's over )


Prompt: 29 - Injured Character
Character: Yui
Requested by: [ profile] reynardfox
Words: 348

29: the cornerstone of their relationship )

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Whoa, a Xenogears fic! Xeno needs to catch up with Suikoden and Valkyrie Profile, which are kicking its ass. Poor Xenogears. Since I don't have an icon for it yet, you get Sakura.

Krelian and Sophia have an excessively long conversation about his origin while on the run from Nimrod. )
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I don't know why. Except that I have a lot of work to do, and don't want to do it. :P

The hazy, ethereal existence within Deus was an odd one to remember. )

This was actually inspired by an old prompt about dead lovers. It really depends on how you look at this, but sure, it fits. In a really twisted way!
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WTF, man. Maybe I'd better not comment, except to say:

Izolde was the second mother of Nisan. I think. See, it's been a while since I bothered to look.

How long is eternity once your friends have passed on? )
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Remember the scene in the ruined Eldridge, when Krelian ambushed the party just as they were about to retrieve the Razael data?

Let's explore what happened with Shitan and Krelian. )
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Fresh out of notepad.

Elly is not Sophia, but Krelian is Krelian. )

I don't know what I was on when I wrote this, but it left me with a headache.
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Krelian is a bloody traitor. Literally. )

Wonderful description, I know.
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I'm boring, I know.  :p  This was cooler in my imagination.

Krelian tries to learn the Solarian language. )


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