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A Masque for Dreaming
Amber Michelle
Challenge: #007 - vision / 500-2500 words
Game: 6 - Sword of Seals
Word Count: 2499
Pairings/Characters: Mildain, Cecilia
Warnings: eh. Spoilers for character endings, I suppose. Mildain is a spoilery character.

Notes: herein my lofty ambitions take a nosedive. Two things:

a) I take liberties with food cultivation and origin.

b) when I say "masque," I mean a production more like a play than a dance ball. I suppose that might've happened too, as it would in this scenario if I took it that far, but what I have in mind is the "political and social application of ... allegory" mentioned here and not shown AT ALL in the fic. :D Oh word limits~

Applying Gauntlet theme 4 - only dreamers destroy themselves, though it fits the original idea more than the result.

The first thing Mildain does when he takes the throne is undercut his own authority. )
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Fate is the Enemy
Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Warnings: n/a
Word Count: 966
Gauntlet Theme: 5 - As it is with ghosts

Comment!fic Prompt:
Fire Emblem 6, Percival/Elphin, the lost prince and his bard companion.

It was chance that brought about their meeting - not fate or fortune. )
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A Rare Smile
Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Warnings: n/a
Word Count: 825

Prompt: FE6: Percival/Elphin: "There's rumors about us, you know. I find it quite amusing." "...That's the first time I've seen you smile in some time."

God, I'm sucking at titles with these warm-ups. I know that's not the point, BUT STILL.

There have been rumors about our association since the Western Isles-- and none of them come close to the truth, I'll have you know. )
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Title: A Smile for All Occasions
Author: Myaru
Rating: T
Warnings: plot? What?
Word count: 1790
Summary: n/a
A/N: will eventually be posted to the comm on the right day. I need to come up with a new trick.

It was somewhat before Yuletide and the round of parties Percival realized he was being observed in the early hours of the morning... )

Cross-posted to [ profile] springkink.
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Seaside Idyll
Amber Michelle
Gauntlet theme: 9 - What is more arrogant than honesty?
Fandom: Fire Emblem 6: Sword of Seals
Characters: Percival, Mildain
Words: 1523
Warnings: it's kind of plotless, and slightly gay, but not really.

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] measuringlife! Also for this challenge.

Lulz title. Actually, I... no, no complaining.

The imperial villa south of Aquleia must have been inspired by pastoral poetry. )
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Live to Serve
Amber Michelle
Day/Theme: 14 - forever was so many different things
Gauntlet Theme: 10 - within me my heart chars
Series: Fire Emblem 6: Sword of Seals
Character/Pairing: Percival/Mildain
Rating: K
Words: 1480
Warnings: lack of creativity?

Notes: post-game.

The Houses eye me like vultures do meat. I appreciate the irony, but I can't sidestep all of them. )
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Glory For a Fallen King
Amber Michelle
Gauntlet theme: 22 - You said "it's just like a full moon"
Fandom: Fire Emblem 6: Sword of Seals
Characters: Percival, Elphin
Words: 4829
Warnings: n/a

Notes: for this challenge with [ profile] measuringlife.

Haha, totally didn't edit! I will. It's just, I feel so lazy after having done nothing for the last few days. Indulge my need for instant gratification.

There are times you can be a cruel master, Prince Mildain. )


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