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Title: Speculation
Author: Amber Michelle
For: [ profile] imanewme
Words: 416
Notes: set at an undetermined time before book 13. Written for the latest fic request meme (locked entry).

+ noon-thirty
+ condiments
+ Reishin and Houju

Gauntlet theme: 22 - the silence a mirror that breaks the light in two

If things continue as they are, we will have a new emperor before the year is out. )
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Stupidity Tax
Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Genre: gen
Warnings: lame title n/a
AU/Canon: canon
Characters: Kou Reishin, Ko Houju
Words: 645

Prompt: February 2010 - Motivation (free word count)
Note: the timing is slightly off, but I wanted plum blossoms. Reference to... er, episode 4 of season two, I think.

You're late - I started without you. )
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Call Me Uncle
Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Words: 5336
Rating: T
Characters/pairings: Reishin, Shouka, Shuurei, Ko Kijin

For: hisoka44
Request: Shuurei finding out about Reishin's relation to her and Reishin's reaction to that; bonus points for commentary from Shouka, Kijin, or other related characters.

Note: the requester didn't say she disliked slash, so there are some minor overtones - nothing that important.

The "hour of the dog" is 7-9pm.

Reishin woke to the dark ceiling of an unfamiliar room. )
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Desert of Letters
Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Warnings: n/a
Word Count: 982

Gauntlet Theme: 24 - promises almost kept
Prompt: young!Reishin, a moment that determined his decision to take Kouyuu in

Notes: Gaiden #3 actually addresses why Reishin decided to save Kouyuu, so this is an extrapolation on that confession, which went something like, "his eyes watched the distance as if waiting for someone, just like mine used to when I waited for Shouka to come home." The title comes from an Utena chorus that has nothing to do with this topic at all.

Winter never truly touched Kou Province, except when Shouka was gone. )
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Cold Light Melting - I
Amber Michelle
Rating: T
Genre: introspective?
Warnings: n/a
AU/Canon: slightly AU.
Pairing/Characters: most of the Kou family, a few OCs.
Words: 3628

Prompt: June 2009 - still waters run deep (1500 word min.)
Previous Installments:
+ Prelude: A Kinder Season

Notes: Spoilers up to book 14, but I ignore some of the stuff that happened, or at least don't acknowledge it - maybe that makes this slightly AU. We're pretending the stuff at the very end didn't happen.

There were few things Reishin loathed as much as clan meetings. )
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Amber Michelle
Prompt: vicious
Character(s): Reishin
Words: 587

For: [ profile] imanewme (original request post is here)

All these people knew how to do was whine. )
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A Kinder Season
Amber Michelle
Rating: K+
Genre: .... gen.
Warnings: n/a
AU/Canon: canon.
Pairing/Characters: Reishin
Words: 1164

Prompt: #42 - life and death (250 words min.)
Notes: this is like a pick-up note to Cold Light Melting, which will appear some way or other as soon as I can get off my butt and write it. :D

Cross-posted at [ profile] saiun_challenge.

Reishin would never be able to show his face in the capitol again. )
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The Worst Kind of Fool
Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Genre: introspective
Warnings: spoilers for book 13.
AU/Canon: canon.
Pairing/Characters: Reishin
Words: 300

Prompt: fool (300 words max)
Notes: n/a

Yuri was right; Kurou should have been the one to take the exam. )
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(prelim entry, too lazy to print it out properly.)

Amber Michelle
Rating: T, alas.
Genre: not romance. :P
Warnings: innuendo? But that goes without saying.
AU/Canon: canon.
Pairing/Characters: Reishin, Kouchou
Words: 1092

Prompt: frost (250 word min.)

Notes: The concept is similar to Minerva's last entry, but I've been thinking about this since re-watching the Presented Scholars arc again. XD; Comments on that at the end.

I abuse geography with impunity, and I owe the name Menekhet to Jacqueline Carey.

It was his vanity that required her undivided attention for a night he would not be present for. )
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Amber Michelle
Rating: T
Genre: fluff?
Warnings: what plot?
AU/Canon: canon.
Pairing/Characters: Yuri, Reishin
Words: 535

Summary: Life with Reishin isn't much different from what it was before.
Prompt: light

Notes: I probably will tweak this a little bit if there are technical problems, but right now I'm exhausted, and I don't want to miss the deadline.

Morning came too soon for Yuri. )


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