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Speak with Your Silence
Prompt: 011 - Woman King
Game: 6: Sword of Seals
Pairing/Characters: Sue
Words: 494
Warnings: assumes a Lyn/Rath pairing.

Steel might be strong, but it was also rigid, resistant, stubborn - steel could be conquered. )
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The Distant Shore
Theme: 009 - terror / 100-700 words
Game: 10: Radiant Dawn
Characters: Micaiah
Words: 642
Warnings: n/a

Notes: I don't think it's spoilery unless you already know the events of chapter three. Also, you learn about Micaiah's peculiar abilities very early in the game.

The ghosts of misfortune follow Micaiah wherever she goes. )
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Rule Number One
Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Theme: 008 - "Flying through the rainbow sky"
Game: 9: Path of Radiance
Characters: Marcia, pegasus knights; nobles where applicable.
Words: 9694 (...)
Warnings: some blood, violence, sensitive topics, etc.

Notes: should be spoiler free. :D Also. Considering my obsessions, I have to say - my depiction of a certain character is in line with Lekain's description of him in-game, which went like this: "we hired him because he was handsome enough to shut everyone up." JUST SAYING, OKAY.

Applying Gauntlet theme 25 - nothing is ever finished.

Like all good pegasus knights, Marcia came without attachments. )
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A Masque for Dreaming
Amber Michelle
Challenge: #007 - vision / 500-2500 words
Game: 6 - Sword of Seals
Word Count: 2499
Pairings/Characters: Mildain, Cecilia
Warnings: eh. Spoilers for character endings, I suppose. Mildain is a spoilery character.

Notes: herein my lofty ambitions take a nosedive. Two things:

a) I take liberties with food cultivation and origin.

b) when I say "masque," I mean a production more like a play than a dance ball. I suppose that might've happened too, as it would in this scenario if I took it that far, but what I have in mind is the "political and social application of ... allegory" mentioned here and not shown AT ALL in the fic. :D Oh word limits~

Applying Gauntlet theme 4 - only dreamers destroy themselves, though it fits the original idea more than the result.

The first thing Mildain does when he takes the throne is undercut his own authority. )
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Title: On Barbarism
Author: Amber Michelle
Challenge: #004: temper
Game: 11: Shadow Dragon / 3: Mystery of the Emblem
Word Count: 1284
Pairings/Characters: Minerva, Michalis
Warnings: this is a first draft! (Yes, again. Maybe we should just assume from now on.)

Notes: Okay, so-- this is an excerpt of a longer story, which I'm pretty sure I won't finish in time for the deadline. It's over five thousand words anyway, and still going, so instead I'm giving you a scene relevant to the prompt. I tried so hard, but... but. ;_;

Same complaints as usual apply.

You do a passable imitation of a textbook, but do you know what any of that means? )
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Title: The Golden Mean
Author: Amber Michelle
Challenge: #003: yield
Game: 11: Shadow Dragon
Word Count: 790
Pairings/Characters: Horace
Warnings: this is a first draft!

Notes: too bad interaction with Camus is outside the scope of this ficbit. That could be interesting.

Also, seriously. I just finished this.

Deil holds this side of the battlefield, Lord Horace. )
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Title: Winternight
Author: Amber Michelle
Challenge: #002: wounded
Game: 8 - Sacred Stones
Word Count: 3991
Pairings/Characters: Carlyle, Ismaire
Warnings: spoilers through chapters 15/16 of Eirika's path. Some violence, some blood, some nudity. It's like... T rated. Mostly.

Notes: This is draft two, because draft one pissed me off after it finished boring me to death. We should celebrate the rarity of this event; I almost never rewrite fan fiction!

Carlyle was not one to defend the king's decision - not anymore. )
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Title: Morning Stars
Author: Amber Michelle
Challenge: #001: Rumors/Gossip
Game: Blazing Sword
Word Count: 500
Pairings/Characters: Hellene, Zephiel
Warnings: If you aren't aware of the problems in Bern's royal family, I guess this would be a spoiler for those chapters. Kind of. This has nothing to do with the game's storyline, so use your own judgment.

Poor little Guinevere... )


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