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Undivided Attention
Amber Michelle
Fandom: Fire Emblem 9/10
Characters: Sanaki, Naesala, Zelgius, Sephiran
Rating: T
Words: 2227
Warnings: Sanaki is uh, precocious? Not quite IC? It's kind of pointless.

Notes: Written while I was still blocked and hating every word. I wasn't going to post it, but it amuses me enough on a re-read that I might as well.

Sanaki and three unsuspecting... subjects. )
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Forever Spring
Immortality, or at least differences in lifespan. The one with the mixed blood/longevity realizes how fast their human lover will grow old and die.
Rating: K
Words: 1184

Notes: hahahaha title. Much love for the gen prompts, though. Really.

Not having to cut this up here is almost orgasmic.

He knew she would die. He'd watched countless generations rise and fall... )
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Queen of Murderers
FE10 AU. To mend relations with the Herons, a marriage is arranged between Reyson and Sanaki. Bickering, snarking, and dominance issues.
Rating: K+
Words: 1440

Notes: if I made this an epic, that title there would be the main topic of contention. Alas, these snips do not answer the question of which one would top... really.

Maybe we should have gone to war with Phoenicis after all. )
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Watch Her Dreams
Sephiran/Zelgius. Dark, brooding defeatist nilhistic almost-gen introspective as they consider the end of the world.
Rating: K+, no porn to be seen anywhere.
Words: 1003

Notes: I said I'd do this too. I am extremely obvious.

Sephiran read to the empress until she fell asleep... )
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(Title, what?)
Prompt: Post-RD Seductive!Leanne, with any of the possible bird pairings.
Pairing: Leanne/Lehran
Rating: light M, it's only almost porn.

Notes: there's no point in hiding when I said I'd do it. :P

The heron princess came to Lehran the first spring after Ashera's fall. )


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