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Rule Number One
Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Theme: 008 - "Flying through the rainbow sky"
Game: 9: Path of Radiance
Characters: Marcia, pegasus knights; nobles where applicable.
Words: 9694 (...)
Warnings: some blood, violence, sensitive topics, etc.

Notes: should be spoiler free. :D Also. Considering my obsessions, I have to say - my depiction of a certain character is in line with Lekain's description of him in-game, which went like this: "we hired him because he was handsome enough to shut everyone up." JUST SAYING, OKAY.

Applying Gauntlet theme 25 - nothing is ever finished.

Like all good pegasus knights, Marcia came without attachments. )
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Like a Metaphor
Fandom: Fire Emblem 9/10
Characters: Sanaki, Naesala
Gauntlet Theme: 22 - as pure as fire
Words: 2583
Warnings: GEN GEN GEN GEN GEN sorry. :P

Notes: I've never written anything from Naesala's POV before (that I recall, anyway), so this may be full of fail.

A spoiler for Naesala's motivations in serving Begnion during the games, but otherwise nothing.

Why do beorc hate laguz? )
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Just a Play
Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Warnings: n/a
Gauntlet theme: 24 - the seven autumn flowers
Word count: 664

Fire Emblem, Sepiran & Sanaki, he had to mix lessons she liked (such as dancing) with lessons she hated or she'd sulk all day

If you don't enunciate, your audience will think their empress has a speech impediment. )
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Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Pairing: Lehran/Sanaki
Fandom: Fire Emblem 9/10
Theme: 6 - the space between dream and reality
Warnings: n/a
Word count: 1108
Disclaimer: Fire Emblem is copyrighted by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. I'm not getting any money out of this, just satisfaction~

30_Kisses - #6, the space between dream and reality
Gauntlet theme - 6 - I am two fools, I know
Commentfic - Fire Emblem 10, Sephiran & Sanaki, “I refuse to think of you as an enemy.”

Note: part of the Bloodline series of (mostly) canon storylines.

Well then, Lady Sanaki - the meeting is over. Have you made a decision? )
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Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Warnings: n/a
Word Count: 819

Comment!fic Prompt:
Fire Emblem, Lehran, the point when he decided that the world could not be redeemed and that destruction would be the most merciful option

Are you trying to tell me another story? Try the truth, for once. )
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Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Warnings: n/a
Word Count: 1480
Gauntlet Theme: 12 - The kinks and the fibers of our hearts

Comment!fic Prompt:
Fire Emblem 9, Sephiran, Sanaki, teaching her magic and giving her a special tome

You've done so well in your studies I thought it was time to introduce you to the real thing. )


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