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Tribe of the Pegasus
[personal profile] myaru
Fandom: Fire Emblem 11
Prompt: story
Word Count: 1228

Notes: I don't recall names for the pegusi or dragons being given, so I made them up where necessary. Also not in my recollection - how the riders get their mounts, except that apparently the dragons have to be tamed.

Est had studied until her head was full to overflowing, and still didn't feel like she knew what she was doing. )
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Fandom: Shadow Dragon (and related games)

Prompt: curiosity (I)
Objective: "To practice using interior monologue juxtaposed with dialogue to show feelings."

I'm doing a whole series of these using various emotions and exercises as prompts. Most of them won't be posted, but I happened to like this one, so.

In which Michalis bitches about the same old topic, this time in Maria's hearing. )
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The Crimson Knight
Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Fandom: Fire Emblem 11
Characters: Maria, Midia
Words: 1440

A) 4 PM
B) Acorns (yes, as food)
C) Midia and Maria (FE: Archanea, to feed your obsession.)

Gauntlet: 08 - the cocoon of her shyness

I admit to being somewhat lazy; I wasn't willing to read the entire script to check Minerva's epithet (even though I like mine better anyway) or... well, lots of things, actually. I deserve any and all corrections and criticisms. :P Also, unedited.

Maria never learned how to properly climb a tree. )
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Title: On Barbarism
Author: Amber Michelle
Challenge: #004: temper
Game: 11: Shadow Dragon / 3: Mystery of the Emblem
Word Count: 1284
Pairings/Characters: Minerva, Michalis
Warnings: this is a first draft! (Yes, again. Maybe we should just assume from now on.)

Notes: Okay, so-- this is an excerpt of a longer story, which I'm pretty sure I won't finish in time for the deadline. It's over five thousand words anyway, and still going, so instead I'm giving you a scene relevant to the prompt. I tried so hard, but... but. ;_;

Same complaints as usual apply.

You do a passable imitation of a textbook, but do you know what any of that means? )
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Today They Remember
Amber Michelle
Challenge: 22 – mistake
Word Count: 620
Game: Shadow Dragon

Warnings: spoilers for the end.

Also, not quite for the challenge, but inspired by it. Cross-posted at [ profile] fe_drabble.

Minerva takes the crown of Macedon when the war is over... )


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