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May Fifth
Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Gauntlet Theme: 25 - your silence males me hold my breath
Word count: 1166
Rating: K
Cliches used:
Hikaru and Akira living together, Akira mourning Touya Kouyo's death, fashion sense, May 5, Hikaru tells Akira about Sai.

Notes: my extremely lame Blind Go entry for September 2009. Rushed at the last minute. (As in, I started two and a half hours before the deadline. Or was it one and a half? I was betaing someone's fic, and planned to bow out, buuuuut...) Locked until the reveals are up. Unlocked.

Original BG post with comments here.

They shared an apartment because it was convenient... )
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Working title: One Last Blessing
By: Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Rating: K
Warnings: n/a

Cliches used:
Sai is resurrected, fatal traffic accidents, go as a metaphor, the second Hokuto Cup

Notes: this was my second try for the Blind Go cliche round, which I ditched when a) it showed signs of getting long, and b) when the lameness of the fic was too much to deal with. Also, I was sick. No idea if someone else has already written this same concept, but they probably have.

First the unfinished story, then the notes on what would have happened and why I stopped writing.

If one judged all ramen shops by the specimens Sai had seen in his unlife, they would be noisy... )

What happened. )
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Working title: "Ambiguity"
Author: Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru

Cliches: Akira and Hikaru living together, Akari finding out about their boy love, Akari the yaoi fangirl, May 5th, Hikaru telling Akira about Sai.

First, the fragment. Then I'll explain what I intended to do, and why I didn't finish it.

It's not that hard, Hikaru. If you can become a go pro, you should be able to find a recipe and follow it. )

What happens next, and why it won't get written unless someone is determined to see it and sends me cookies as payment. :P )
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A Familiar Pattern
Author: Amber Michelle ([ profile] myaru)
Characters/Pairings: Sai
Word count: 1407
Genre: Gen
Themes used: set two, five senses. Results and winners here.

Original entry: here.

Like the dew on the petals of a morning glory Sai passed from the world. )
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Lore of the Fan
Amber Michelle
Genre: gen, but you can read at least two pairings into it.
Word count: 1987
Warnings: n/a

Notes: all hail Izumi Shikibu.

Though Sai used his fan for effect, Hikaru has a different philosophy. )
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If only he could materialize long enough to smack the little upstart with his fan! )

It's hot, dammit.  The weather, not the story, although - - well no, never mind that.

These layouts all look so cluttered when I put my entries behind cuts.  Guess there's no way around that.  I want to try different layouts, but if I end up coming back to this one, I'd have to fiddle with the customizations again.  Too much effort.
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Hahahahahahahahahahaha.  :P

A whimsical melody on a midwinter night. )

A deceptive title.  :P

Otogizoushi has such beautiful flute themes.  If only they would inspire Otogizoushi ficlets, instead of this randomness.
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Spoilers. They're vague, but they reach volume 17. There's also a hint of boylove, but not really. And not who you'd expect. I didn't expect it, anyway.

It haunted his sleep sometimes, that china smile. )


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