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Iron and Wine
Amber Michelle
For: [ profile] kytha
Rating: T
Series: Illusion of Memory "canon."
Words: 2717

Other installments:
1: Paradise
2: A Moth to Flame
3: Untouchable
4. Iron and Wine
5. A Scarab of the Sea (god only knows when this will be written)

Notes: this story arc needs a title. For Christmas 2008, just a little bit late. :D

Judas stopped counting the years when the people he knew started dying. )
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This is a timeline of stories, ficbits, and snips related to Judas and Raeger, original characters for the now-defunct interactive fiction list Illusion of Memory. It's based on Valkyrie Profile, but we deviate so far from the original storyline I wonder if we even deserve to say that anymore. :P This is for my reference and [ profile] kytha's.

In order according to the story timeline - more or less. With some of these it doesn't actually matter.

IN THE BEGINNING (i.e. official posts)

Unofficial arc "The Road Trip From Hell"

And the rest! )

This doesn't include all of the AU stuff we've done. That's... yeah, best not to get into that.
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A Noble Ideal
Amber Michelle
Day/Theme: June 5 - forever's just a place in someone else's story
Series: Illusion of Memory
Character/Pairing: Judas, Raeger
Rating: K

Words: 828
Notes: late because my sleeping schedule is messed up beyond repair.

They sat facing each other on the steps of Sutekh's temple... )
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Author: Amber Michelle
Fandom: Illusion of Memory "canon."
Words: 977
Other installments: 1: Paradise, 2: A Moth to Flame

Notes: n/a

Raeger knows him too well to miss the signs. )
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A Moth to Flame
Author: Amber Michelle
Fandom: Illusion of Memory "canon."
Words: 1831
Other installments: the first part.

Notes: I continue the trend of crappy titles! (Though it does fit, sort of.) How is it that I can be stuck on my fiction final and bang out a not-quite-fanfic that surpasses my word requirement for the real project? Pffffft. Whatever. :P Maybe I won't be stuck anymore, now that I've written this.

Raeger's dreams have grown dark and not quite innocent. )
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Author: Amber Michelle
Fandom: Illusion of Memory "canon."
Words: 923
Other installments: n/a, at the moment.

Recipe and explanation of Du'a/Dukka. Next time I'm on a cooking kick, I'll have to try my hand at some Egyptian recipes. My last try (Khabli Palau) went surprisingly well.

It begins innocently enough... )
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A Clockwork Snare: ch.3
Author: Amber Michelle
Fandom: a very AU VP Lenneth
Words: 7763
Other chapters: [1 - 2 - 3]

Notes: you know, despite how important Lawfer is to the story, he's kind of... a minor character. I feel a bit bad about that. I'm wary of doing more to him because I think my grasp of his character is vague at best. ^^; Time to fix that! Why do I always realize this when I'm at school, without access to my book? Ten bucks says I just collapse when I get home and forget all about him.

Warning: I just realized IE doesn't read line breaks while I'm using this layout. This is incredibly stupid. I guess I'll have to switch - in the meantime, I'm sorry if this is going to make reading harder for you. >_>; (edit: fixed.)

Lawfer and his father insisted on riding escort... )
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A Clockwork Snare
Chapter one

Author: Amber Michelle
Fandom: a very AU VP Lenneth
Words: 4997
Other chapters: (pending)

Notes: this is the completed first chapter, draft one point five. The story is based on characters from the interactive fiction project "Illusion of Memory." If you want to know more, feel free to ask. If you spot errors or inconsistencies, I'll try to overcome my laziness long enough to fix them. :p Note this is an alternate universe of the original VP game, so there will be discrepencies with canon.

(What's new - the second half. I don't remember changing much in the first half, but I could be wrong! That was quite a while ago. Chapter two is half done, which is why I'm posting this now.)

Fall was a mild season in the Artolian countryside... )
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Time to make myself feel better. Chapter one isn't actually finished yet, but I wrote most of this scene six months ago, and finished it last night. Really, this is proof I AM following through on my plan to write the story.

Part of a chapter from 'A Clockwork Snare'. )


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