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Title: Tangled Metaphors
Author: Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Rating: G
Theme: April / flowers
Pairing/Character: Kahoko/Azuma
Words: 1487
Summary: Azuma prepares Kahoko to meet his mother.

Notes: alas, his mother doesn't actually show up. Also, partly inspired by Gauntlet theme #8: blush like a cherry blossom - for its double-meaning, of course. >_>

How does it feel to be graduating? )
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Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Rating: T
Theme: n/a
Pairing/Character: Yunoki Azuma/Hino Kahoko
Words: 1800

Notes: I started this for the "luck" theme at [ profile] la_corda_fics, but it doesn't fit the bill. Oh, and it's set after White Day. Most of the time I come up with my own ficverse/timeline in a fandom anyway, but it's worth mentioning.

My sucky titles continue. It'll stop someday, really - I promise.

The cherry blossoms were already falling, and finals were approaching too fast for Azuma's comfort. )
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Title: Better Than Hearsay
Author: Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Rating: K
Theme: luck
Pairing/Character: Amou + some faint Azuma/Kahoko flavoring
Words: 1544
Summary: Amou tries to rope Kahoko into helping her with a story, and learns to regret it when Yunoki gets involved.

Notes: inspired somewhat by my playthrough of the first game. Yunoki and Amou were duking it out for Kahoko's attention, and they didn't really interact aside from two little scenes, but it's hard to imagine they'd get along.

I'm not sure if I'll use this for the contest, though, because it seems a little too close to [ profile] tsukimori_san's "Change of Heart" from last month's prompt.

ETA: submitted it anyway, so we'll see.

The guy at the repair shop said they don't take cameras that old... )
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Title: White Day
Author: Amber Michelle // [ profile] myaru
Rating: PG
Theme: heart
Pairing or Character: Yunoki Azuma/Hino Kahoko
Words: 2495
Summary: Kahoko is on the receiving end of a lot of chocolate on White Day, but there's one person in particular she wants to hit over the head with it.

Notes: I axed the honorifics. The poem is by Izumi Shikibu, because apparently I just can't use her enough in fic, and anyway, it's the sort of thing a Yunoki would like.

Now let's have a picture - the headline'll be 'lucky gen-ed girl wooed by all of the concours participants!' )
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More fifteen minute tragedy + copious use of what I call the 'car cliche.' I might try to write a real fic now. I'm starting to run out of nonsense scenarios. (I know, I know, what kind of fic writer am I? Sometimes I wonder too.)

Series: La Corda D'Oro
Characters: Yunoki Azuma, Hino Kahoko, Takashina Ayano
Words: 1623 (total)


First: competition )


Second: selfish )


Third: quirky )


Fourth: collection )

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It's been ages since the last time I did a [ profile] 15minuteficlets run. :D These redefine the meaning of 'unpolished' and 'craptastic,' but I like to use these prompts to learn how to write new characters. These ficlets usually suck, but in today's case I might actually use some of the details later. And... I don't want something to get overwritten again, dammit.

For those that don't know, the point of that community was to force you to write for fifteen minutes only, without editing or nitpicking. As you can imagine, this produces scary stuff.


Don't read them.

Series: La Corda D'Oro
Characters: Yunoki Azuma (focus), Hino Kahoko, Hihara Kazuki
Words: 1705, total


First: stretched. )


Second: interrupted. )


Third: translation. )


Fourth: impatience )


Gakushuin is a high-profile private school attended by the Japanese peerage and others of high social standing. It's been around since the Meiji period as a primary/secondary school, but I think the university is newer.


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