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Distant Promise
Rating: K
Word Count: 1323
Challenge: January 2013 potluck / May 2012: "Bunny Hutch" at [profile] lotr_community
Elements: 23) Fourth Age or later: Galadriel waits in Aman for Celeborn's return. Her Reborn brother(s) (depending on whether the author thinks more than Finrod have been returned to Life by then) offer their opinions on their Sindarin/Telerin cousin's reason(s) for preferring not to sail with her. (Kaylee Arafinwiel)

Author's Notes: I would like to speculate that all of Galadriel's brothers have been reborn by the fourth age, but for the sake of simplicity I decided I should only try writing one of them. Also, as usual: no beta, uncertain canon (how many possible timelines does Galadriel have again? I lost count), I'm new to these characters, and so forth.

Summary: Fourth Age. Galadriel has returned to Aman without her husband, and Finrod would like to know why.

Galadriel looked up from a map of Tirion... )
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Faded Glory
Author: Myaru
Rating: PG
Theme: A River Runs Through It
Elements: Narog
Word Count: 1372
Summary: Elrond and Elros always ask the hard questions.
Disclaimer: none of Tolkien's stuff is mine.

Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at a story in this canon. I hope it isn't terrible. I tried to canon-check, but may not have been entirely successful.

EDIT: unlocked, now that it has been posted here at [profile] lotr_community.

Forgiveness is the way of brothers. )


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