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Challenge: 01 - coming to life
Title: Bringing the Divine to Life
Rating: everyone. Only suggestive if you look at it that way. :p

I joined a prompt community that was nice and small; extent of membership is usually what stops me from jumping into communities like [ profile] 15minuteficlets (now sadly closed). Originally posted here.

These will be recurring characters, but the names and backgrounds may not be completely consistent. They aren't meant to be, exactly, but I have to admit I'm starting out without any plans at all, and it might get messy. I will mix mythologies/canons with impunity. And yes, I'll post something people actually care about once the semester is over. :P

Welcome to the middle of the story. Features lacy whites and ridiculously generalized art desc. )
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The object was to imitate haiku. Generally, this means trying to capture one moment, or a few, in its crisp clearness as you witness it. Their high point is usually imagery, so that was the exercise.

Snow lingered on the ground when the first plush blossom came to life on the branches of the plum tree outside. )

Sorry for the spam, guys. There was no point in waiting a day between each posting when it was all sitting right here.

Also: while I won't put anything up here that I plan to publish, I trust you all will not quote or use it without credit. It's not the greatest work, but it's still mine. Thanks.
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For my 302 class, we're supposed to select one of the assigned readings (usually a story, sometimes a poem) and try to do whatever that author is doing, but with our own stories. This one was based on "Ten Illustrations for 'The Fall of the House of Usher'" by Robert Gluck. Though I think I pinpointed what the story was doing (in short, taking one line from the story and extrapolating from there based on the text), I didn't pull it off as well myself. This is expected. These are exercises, and not polished pieces ready for publication. Alas.

To Asenath her tower at the center of Heliopolis was the center of the world. )
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Twinnings Earl Grey gives me: tea and bergamot flavoring. WTF mate, we don't get real bergamot? For shame.

Here, have a cookie. It's a bit burnt around the edges, though.

He had lonely eyes when she first met him. Hair black like a shadow, and the oddest pair of straw sandals. )
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Done in fifteen minutes, for once. Original.

#168: It's funny how the bigger, important things in life start out so small... )
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I should be doing essays, but since it's obvious I'll be up all night with them, I decided to take a short fiction break.

Original: What must one do to regain paradise? )

Super Princess Peach, who can't remember Luigi's name. )

Back to essays. ;_;
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For posterity, the final version of the story I plan to turn in. It needs editing, and could stand to be extended, but that can wait. Everything we turn in has to be edited by the end of the semester anyway, so there's no point in doing it now.
. . .

Suzy and Taylor have a few problems. One of them is that damned parrot. )

Inspired by experiences with a real bird - but not a parrot, and not in my own house, thank goodness - and a bit of Lush goodness to make me write it. My reward will come in next week. :P

The slightly-less-crappy version of this story.
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We all screw up. :P I was given a prompt for my creative writing class that I didn't much like, and to make it more interesting for myself, I decided to paste Lush into the story plan. So far so good! Then I saw that the news story she wanted us to write about said that the event happened in London! I had the neat idea of using the Covent Garden Lush store in my story, which I know exists, so I figured it would give me an edge in writing about a place I've never seen.

I WAS WRONG. Four paragraphs in, I couldn't go any farther. I'd need to extensively interview someone from the area to be able to write this story, and I knew that might happen, so. Ever heard the rule "Write what you know"? Well, sometimes you can ignore it. And sometimes - like this time - you can't. I tried, but it simply wasn't meant to be.

I'm posting it because we all screw up, like I said. And what is this, if not a journal full of screw-ups? Or at least very little effort. :P
. . .

Four paragraphs wherein I demonstrate that I know nothing of what I speak! )

For the record, I still think the story she used for our prompt is stupid. Funny, but stupid. I'll try to find a link.
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Inspiration from [ profile] 15minuteficlets once again. It makes a good exercise, and I like that it doesn't require much effort. :P I really should go to bed.

Original: Uriel's Fire. )

Suikoden, 12K: The Beginning of the End. )

SPPM: Sharing Poison. )
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I'm writing, really I am. Just not making it public, that's all. :P

She dreamt of a lion on a field of blue. )

Time: ~15 minutes, didn't quite keep track.


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