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Title: Quite the Genius
Author: Myaru
Rating: T
Warnings: n/a
Word count: 1508
Prompt: Suikoden III, Albert/Sarah: appearances - "Play at being a Silverberg for a while and you'll see what I mean."

Summary: Albert confronts Sarah about the little stunt she pulled before the destruction of Karaya.
A/N: soooo, my memory on the exact sequence of events is a little vague, and I can't pop the game in right now. Apologies if anything is off.

Sorry for the spam. This is it for tonight. I just don't want to forget it.

Sit down, Sarah. We'll discuss your insubordination over tea. )
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These were all requested by the same person. Go Suzume. XD

Prompt: 05 - On-Vacation Character
Character: Sasarai
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 232

05: Sabbatical )


Prompt: 17 - Losing her virginity character
Character: Sarah
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 291

17: not what she had in mind )


Prompt: 19 - Eating-Her-Lunch-And-Drinking-From-A-Soda-Bottle Character
Character: Elsa Mercade (SPPM)
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 387

19: punctuality is a virtue )


Prompt: 01 - Naughty Character
Character: Dios
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 303

01: a terrible lapse of judgement )


Prompt: 08 - Excited Character
Character: Elric Lovelle (SPPM)
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 324

08: a golden opportunity )


Prompt: 24 - Bath-time character
Character: Albert
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 445

24: flight would be the better choice )

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Whyyyyyy can't I stop writing Suikoden? Just, all of the sudden? D:

This kinda sorta takes place after the last one, I guess. Way after.

When Sarah closed her eyes, she greeted death. When she awoke... )
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Written on 10-12-06 before class, between classes, etc. I planned to take it farther, but I've lost whatever inspired it for the moment.

Albert makes an oblique proposition that Sarah doesn't like at all. )
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Very much a fragment. Damn the book that I'm reading for inspiring this line of thought. :P Not entirely accurate to canon, because [ profile] 15minuteficlets doesn't leave me time to care. :D

Word 156: A conversation overheard in Caleria. )


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