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These were all requested by the same person. Go Suzume. XD

Prompt: 05 - On-Vacation Character
Character: Sasarai
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 232

05: Sabbatical )


Prompt: 17 - Losing her virginity character
Character: Sarah
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 291

17: not what she had in mind )


Prompt: 19 - Eating-Her-Lunch-And-Drinking-From-A-Soda-Bottle Character
Character: Elsa Mercade (SPPM)
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 387

19: punctuality is a virtue )


Prompt: 01 - Naughty Character
Character: Dios
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 303

01: a terrible lapse of judgement )


Prompt: 08 - Excited Character
Character: Elric Lovelle (SPPM)
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 324

08: a golden opportunity )


Prompt: 24 - Bath-time character
Character: Albert
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 445

24: flight would be the better choice )

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Just a snip of a scene this time. When sick, write fanfic. It all works out in the end.

Albert and Vincent discuss... marriage. )
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The ideas for these attempts to flesh out SPPM characters are in a file labeled "June projects." Ha! Maybe I should wait longer.

Gabriev has a proposition to make, and Vincent isn't sure he likes the bishop /or/ his ideas. )
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To get to know my SPPM characters better, I've decided to do little character snippets based on various points yanked from their personality and history entries on the p-sheets I turned in. The game doesn't move fast enough for me to write a ton of entries per character, which is how I've gotten used to my pawns in the past, so I'm trying to make up for that.

They're supposed to be short, but some end up longer than others.

Vincent faces graduation without much cheer. )
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Inspiration from [ profile] 15minuteficlets once again. It makes a good exercise, and I like that it doesn't require much effort. :P I really should go to bed.

Original: Uriel's Fire. )

Suikoden, 12K: The Beginning of the End. )

SPPM: Sharing Poison. )
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Elsa snippet, and nothing much.  I need to figure out how to write for her, and, god-forbid, Lovelle.  I still don't know what I want him to be like.  ^^;

Dowaine is the one to watch out for. )
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A real fragment, brought to you by this cup of yummy Genmaicha that I'm drinking. =D

You know, since I write so many of these extra IF bits, I think they deserve their own category. They're like Gaiden stories, or something.

Yeah, that's it! Suikoden: Pro Patria Mori GAIDEN! XD XD XD

... Anyway.

Should we not let destiny run its course, this time? )

I need to invest in more user pictures. I'm tired of seeing the same ones circulating like this.
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If I submitted this to a critique circle, the first comment would be, "You should show us, not tell us - turn these paragraphs into scenes."  Since I don't intend to turn this into a story, you get to be told, not shown.  If this little exercise doesn't work, maybe I'll take that piece of advice and try again.

All I want is for Asen to exist for me as more than a name.  It can only help me later in the SPPM timeline.

It was hard to believe he had opposed their creation. )
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Pro Patria Mori is set five years after Suikoden III in the fictional kingdom of Magridal, and features both returning characters and completely new faces. The creator has devised the Moves System, which allows him to keep the game moving at a reasonable pace and keep track of what's going on with the world. Players can enter as characters or even as governments and other organizations, for a different style of writing. New people are always welcome, if you're interested!

The IF homepage and archive can be found at I bit off more than I could chew with my characters, so what you'll find there is much more interesting. :P

This archive will no longer be updated. I use SPPM characters occasionally in Suikoden ficlets, but the game is dead. Alas.

. . .

Posts for the Harmonian Faction and Vincent Hecht. )

Posted on Runic Lore on 03.13.06, backdated to 09.05.2003.


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