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A Dream of Finery
Amber Michelle
Prompt: regalia
Character(s): Shoukei
Words: 645

For: [ profile] canis_m (original request post is here)

She'd lived an eternity already. )
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Burn Like the Sun
Amber Michelle
Day/Theme: April 8 - lit like a burning city
Series: Fire Emblem 10 / Twelve Kingdoms
Character/Pairing: Sanaki, Marcia, Sephiran (Renki)
Rating: K
Words: 4456
Warnings: it's a cracktastic crossover with no redeeming value.
Notes: Late on purpose so I won't be lynched. I needed to write something stupid. Also, I don't know the names of Ren's cities or provinces, so I just made them up. I didn't do much research on 12K courts or such for this because I'm lazy and this is not an epic or particularly important.

Kirin - (quoted from Wikipedia) "The holy creature that is bound to and chooses the ruler of each kingdom. It resembles a white horned deer; black kirin are extremely rare and called Kokki. ... A kirin will only bow before his or her ruler. Kirin are named after the kingdom that they are bound to, with "ki" and "rin" used for male and female kirin, respectively."

...and a few more important terms. )

There's a complete list of terms, but the above should be enough.

Sanaki didn't want to be queen - or maybe she did, and hid it so well she convinced herself otherwise. )
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Any King Will Do
Amber Michelle
Day/Theme: August 10 - Funeral season
Series: Twelve Kingdoms
Character/Pairing: Taiki, Risai
Rating: K
Words: 534

Notes: takes place after Nine Syllables (June 26th), but it's not essential reading.

The plainsmen weren't prepared for Taiki's arrival, but they were generous. )
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Nine Syllables
Amber Michelle
Day/Theme: June 26 - the past is another land
Series: Twelve Kingdoms
Character/Pairing: Taiki
Rating: K
Words: 969

Notes: I'm not sure of the pronunciation of the far north-east province of Tai (承), so I used the most common one: 'Shou.' Fixed. :D Also... well, I admit there's no basis whatsoever for edible youma, but also nothing that contradicts it to my knowledge.

Taiki waited for Risai to fall asleep... )

Will edit later. You know the drill.
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Inspiration from [ profile] 15minuteficlets once again. It makes a good exercise, and I like that it doesn't require much effort. :P I really should go to bed.

Original: Uriel's Fire. )

Suikoden, 12K: The Beginning of the End. )

SPPM: Sharing Poison. )
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This has nothing to do with the 20+ challenge - it's something I started writing ages ago after watching the end of the Shadow of the Moon story arc.  I meant to make it much more than this, but time and distance have changed my plans.  ^^  I want to continue it someday, but not now.

War and conquest are not Youko's style. )
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It's general, Taiki POV.  Fifteen minute exercises don't leave much room for planning or development, when you write as slowly as I do.

Poor Taiki. Pat him on the head. )
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This is more serious than I meant it to be. The original scene was more amusing.

Unedited, as usual. (I haven't even looked at it - for all I know, it reads like something my cat could churn out by walking all over the keyboard.) I don't think I'm going to do anything with this, and I'm sure I'll regret posting it in the morning!

Han: Emperess, kirin, NPC, and an uninspired situation. )

That's a sign that I'm out of practice, if ever there was one. Needless to say, I'm very dissatisfied with the result. I don't know how I made myself finish this.
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There's pathetic, and then there's pathetic. But I have to start somewhere.

Taiki. Not much to it, really. )

Written in fifteen minutes. Inspired by the word 'incomplete,' because it's just so fitting.


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