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A Matter of Time
Amber Michelle
Rating: K
Warnings: n/a
Word Count: 961

Prompt: VP Silmeria: Alicia and Silmeria, fairy tales

Stories are often built upon a grain of reality. )
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A Fitting Sacrifice
Amber Michelle
Prompt: hunger
Character(s): Lezard
Words: 511

For: [ profile] nyuna (original request post here)

Expulsion was the best thing to happen to Lezard. )
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This is a timeline of stories, ficbits, and snips related to Judas and Raeger, original characters for the now-defunct interactive fiction list Illusion of Memory. It's based on Valkyrie Profile, but we deviate so far from the original storyline I wonder if we even deserve to say that anymore. :P This is for my reference and [ profile] kytha's.

In order according to the story timeline - more or less. With some of these it doesn't actually matter.

IN THE BEGINNING (i.e. official posts)

Unofficial arc "The Road Trip From Hell"

And the rest! )

This doesn't include all of the AU stuff we've done. That's... yeah, best not to get into that.
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A Pleasant Hand
Amber Michelle
Day/Theme: November 29 - doing it for science: geeks in their natural habitat.
Series: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Character/Pairing: Mystina, Lezard
Rating: K
Words: 464

Notes: these are getting steadily sloppier as November goes on. Or maybe it's just me.

Anyway, may as well post now, since it's done. I might even remember to put it up on [ profile] 31_days when the 29th comes around.

The theory of soul transfusion wasn't difficult, but she wanted to be sure. )
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Prompt: 12 - Turned-On Character
Character: Arngrim
Requested by: [ profile] kytha
Words: 244

12: he admits to nothing )


Prompt: 18 - Naive Character
Character: Alicia
Requested by: [ profile] seta_suzume
Words: 328

18: her mistake is depending on others )


Prompt: 6 - Horny Character
Character: Judas (IoM)
Requested by: [ profile] kytha
Words: 393

06: even the undead understand rock bottom )

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My answers to the fic meme. I kept them short to make sure I finished everything. Pretty much all gen, with some slight romantic overtones; one-sided anything doesn't deserve the term 'pairing' in my opinion.

Title: Bear the Blame
Requested by: [ profile] measuringlife
Word count: 450

Prompt: Fire Emblem - RD~ Micaiah & Pelleas interaction.

Micaiah's shadow was cast over his tent flap by torchlight. )

Title: Right of Punishment
Requested by: [ profile] misheard
Word count: 508

Prompt: Fire Emblem, Naesala + Sanaki, interaction between battles.

Tower of Guidance: between floors two and three, Sanaki and Naesala have a little talk. )

Title: Not All Valkyries Are Created Equal
Requested by: [ profile] karthur
Word count: 365

Prompt: Valkyrie Profile - Lezard lusting for Lenneth.

Each of the valkyries has her merits... )

Title: Warriors of Justice
Requested by: [ profile] mura_arkaine
Word count: 311

Prompt: VP Silmeria - GO GO SCHOOL-GIRL SILMERIA :D~~~~~~~~~ (supplement to the school girl illustration from the VPS MC)

Silmeria gets a week of detention for that little stunt. )

Title: Just Another Twenty Miles
Requested by: [ profile] thefurryone
Word count: 420

Prompt: Xenogears - The Elements are on an extended mission, and it's Shitan's night to cook.

The broth tasted a bit like lighter fluid. )
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Perceived Wrongs
Amber Michelle
Day/Theme: July 2 - All this leads to one outcome
Series: Valkyrie Profile Silmeria
Character/Pairing: Seluvia, Christie
Rating: K
Words: 571

Notes: Right, so, I don't remember the details of this story, which means it might be canonically-challenged in places - mostly regarding Dyn, I bet.

A book could not die and waste Dyn's sacrifice. )
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Mutual Aid
Amber Michelle
Day/Theme: July 1 - _____ is the sign of a stable mind
Series: Valkyrie Profile Silmeria
Character/Pairing: Alicia, Silmeria
Rating: K
Words: 680

Notes: n/a

If Odin can learn to do this, so can you. )
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Summer's Bride
Amber Michelle
Day/Theme: June 23 - some girls were just meant to smile
Series: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Character/Pairing: Milia, Llewelyn, NPCs
Rating: K
Words: 869

Notes: the marigold is also known as 'summer's bride.' I don't know if Llewelyn's parents were alive or not, so I'm just assuming.

If the draft hadn't gotten in the way, they would be married. )
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The Color of Life
Amber Michelle
Theme: #1 - Shivering Soul in the Darkness
Characters: Shiho, Nanami, redshirt
Warnings: some grim implications and mention of injury.
Words: 1108
Summary: Shiho seeks purification after losing a battle at Dragoncastle.

What sort of a thing is 'red'? )


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