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A Clockwork Snare, ch.5
Amber Michelle
Fandom: a very AU VP Lenneth - so AU it's almost original.
Words: 6010
Other chapters: [ see the chapter archive. ]

Notes: Since I didn't have access to my book on Egyptian language, I made do with some nebulous (and purposely incorrect!) references to Japanese grammar instead. Don't believe a word of what I say about hieroglyphs. :P

The first 1600 words were written in late 2007, I think. After the harpy comment, the new stuff starts. I wonder if there's a huge difference in the style or tone after that? Sorry if there are any discrepencies. I went through the first part to add stuff, but it's basically unchanged, because I'm lazy and don't feel like rewriting.

A lesson on hieroglyphs with Judas. Jelanda makes an appearance. Amazingly, so does Lawfer - but he's no help. )
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A Clockwork Snare: ch.4
Author: Amber Michelle
Fandom: a very AU VP Lenneth
Words: 5618
Other chapters: [1 - 2 - 3 - 4]

Notes: The first six paragraphs were written in early September. Then classes intervened, and the rest was written very recently. Yay homework. :P

A new day dawns in the capitol - and Marie and Judas finally make an appearance. )
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A Clockwork Snare: ch.3
Author: Amber Michelle
Fandom: a very AU VP Lenneth
Words: 7763
Other chapters: [1 - 2 - 3]

Notes: you know, despite how important Lawfer is to the story, he's kind of... a minor character. I feel a bit bad about that. I'm wary of doing more to him because I think my grasp of his character is vague at best. ^^; Time to fix that! Why do I always realize this when I'm at school, without access to my book? Ten bucks says I just collapse when I get home and forget all about him.

Warning: I just realized IE doesn't read line breaks while I'm using this layout. This is incredibly stupid. I guess I'll have to switch - in the meantime, I'm sorry if this is going to make reading harder for you. >_>; (edit: fixed.)

Lawfer and his father insisted on riding escort... )
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A Clockwork Snare, Chapter Two
Author: Amber Michelle
Fandom: a very AU VP Lenneth
Words: 6414
Other chapters: [1 - 2]

Notes: Elise and Raeger remind me of Amy and myself in high school, in the last section. Ahahah. >_>

Lunch was served in the small dining room on the second floor... )
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A Clockwork Snare
Chapter one

Author: Amber Michelle
Fandom: a very AU VP Lenneth
Words: 4997
Other chapters: (pending)

Notes: this is the completed first chapter, draft one point five. The story is based on characters from the interactive fiction project "Illusion of Memory." If you want to know more, feel free to ask. If you spot errors or inconsistencies, I'll try to overcome my laziness long enough to fix them. :p Note this is an alternate universe of the original VP game, so there will be discrepencies with canon.

(What's new - the second half. I don't remember changing much in the first half, but I could be wrong! That was quite a while ago. Chapter two is half done, which is why I'm posting this now.)

Fall was a mild season in the Artolian countryside... )


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